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2024  from rags to riches...
            get yourself a lawyer...
            hungry man...
            johanna’s not here
            (thomas series)
            pure evil

2023  meanwhile...
            white light/white heat
            liquid ecstasy...
            for wile e.
            leashed steam...
            family dinner
            love letters
            wild, west
            selections from the...

2022  china, revisited
            hail to the king
            tea for masochists

2021   fighting the loneliness
            american pie
            not your country
2020  the saint, the villain...
            stolen bike
            low velocity             
            just like a woman

2019   she was trying...
            why don’t you just...
            fat man & little boy
            american reformation
            made in china
            19 transactions
            sign language

Hungry Man, or an Attempt to Fill My Dad’s Shoes
on a Holiday,
(Made with Gracie Moon)

MARCH 11TH, 2024

Thinking about the act of doomscrolling as a modern outlet for loneliness and boredom, a comparison can be drawn to the earlier act of channel-surfing. Constantly flicking through TV channels every few seconds for long periods of time results in both time passing and little to no entertainment or information being absorbed. As a kid I would sit with my dad (who identifies as a workaholic) on his days off at home while he channel-surfed. I once asked him why he did that for hours on end, and he responded by saying to me “what else am I going to do?”.

Replicating the setting where my father spends his time when he’s unable to go to work, I dressed up in his daily at-home attire and trapped myself in a space with nothing but my dad’s favorite food, a microwave, and a television which was set to change channels every 10 seconds. In this space, I was not allowed to communicate with anybody or leave the room, and my only choices for activities were to sit, eat, and watch TV. I did this for roughly 5 and a half hours before getting bored and leaving the room.