Not Your Country


The act of sticking used gum underneath tables and seats is regarded by many cultures as one of the most minuscule and commonly done ill-mannered acts. Seemingly inconsequential, it holds some similarity to impulsive racist remarks that have timelessly brought offense to people for characteristics out of their control.

Using a variety of dining tables from restaurants, households and public lobbies, I chewed pieces of gum and stuck them underneath the corners and edges to assemble racist phrases and sentences that were personally said to me in public in the last 5 years.

Photography by:
Katie Carmichael

January 31st, 2021

Leftover chewed gum

(Installation of photographs at Keller Gallery)

(Sentences #1 - 5)
Get Outta’ My Country You Chink!


We Don’t Serve Yellow Men Here.

Who Invited the Chinaman?

Slant Eye!

Get the Gook Outta’ Here!