Fat Man and Little Boy


Around 30 electronic items were all tied and taped to each other, and plugged into one switch that simultaneously turns on all the devices at once to make it a sort of electric hazard bomb that could short circuit and catch fire if left on for more than a few seconds. The cart houses all the plugs and the switch, along with the tools used to make the bomb, and the books on art and artists I had been reading until then make the piece stacked upward to loosely replicate the shape of a mushroom cloud.

Fat Man and Little Boy were the names of the A-bombs deployed by the U.S. that destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. 

Red cart housing extension plugins, zip ties, tape, scissors and various books stacked upwards by height, projectors, iron, toaster, hotpot lid, telephones, fluorescent tubes, lamps, printer, vacuum, kettle, alarm clock, DS Lite, waffle maker, pencil sharpener, light box and cupcake oven held together with tape and rope, all setup to turn on simultaneously